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Frequently Asked Questions

When did pool laws change?

In NSW, private or back yard swimming pool safety is legislated by the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the Swimming Pool Regulation 2008.

New requirements, from April 29th 2013, all pools in NSW be registered on a State-wide register. All swimming pools owners were responsible to register their swimming pools on the online NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Penalties applied for those failing to register their pool and spa after 29 October 2013.

From 29 April 2016 a landlord will ensure that a pool on a leased property will have a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate no more than 3 years old.

From 29 April 2016 a swimming pool owner is required to provide a valid swimming pool compliance certificate or occupation certificate no more than 3 years old, before being able to sell or lease a property with a swimming pool or spa.

How do I get a swimming pool compliance certificate?

Call or email us and we will arrange with you a convenient time to conduct your onsite consultation. We will inspect your pool barrier and fencing then if all is complaint we will issue you with a swimming pool safety compliance certification and record your pool on the NSW pool register or Queensland pool register.

If there are there are any non compliant issues, we will provide a detailed photographic report identifying all these items and suggesting a way to rectify them. We can if required recommend local tradesmen qualified to complete this work. You then have six weeks to complete all outstanding work from the time of the inspection and have a reinspection of the barrier completed by us. Once all items are compliant we will then issue a pool safety certificate and then record your compliant pool on the relevant state pool register.

Where are the areas your services?

We service the wider Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Region NSW. Including Tweed Shire, Byron Shire, Ballina Shire and Lismore City Councils.

We can provide services outside these areas by arrangement.

How much does a swimming pool compliance certificate cost?

On-site verbal consultations start from $199.00 +GST and inspections on compliant pools from $295.00 +GST.

See our Pricing page for a full list of our services, fees and charge.

How long does a swimming pool compliance inspection take?

Inspection on a typical back yard pool or spa will take anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes, we don’t necessarily need you to be in attendance if not convenient just provide us with safe access to the pool area and we will complete the inspection. With in 48 hours you will received your full detailed pool safety report.

What will be in my swimming pool compliance certificate report?

If your pool is compliant you will receive your swimming pool compliance certificate report and we will register your pool on the relevant NSW or Queensland swimming pool register.

If your pool is non compliant you will receive your detailed report including photos identifying all areas of non compliance and suggesting a way to rectify these, it will detail why these areas don’t comply against the Regulations and the Australian Standards.

How do I know you are accredited to do pool inspections and do you have correct insurance?

We are a fully accredited private E 1 Certifier, accredited by the Building Professionals Board of NSW and Queensland and are listed on their register. We are fully insured, we have current professional indemnity and public liability insurance.