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Contract for Swimming Pool Certification Work

Agreement between John Scerri (the certifier) and the client

The Certifier: John Scerri, Swimming Pool Inspector, 2489

Trading Name: Pool Safety Certification NSW

Address: Suite 1/5 Sands Street, Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485

Phone: 0412 226 613

E-Mail: [email protected]

The Property Owner

The Swimming Pool

Owners Declaration

I confirm the following:
  1. I have freely chosen to engage John Scerri to complete the certificate work
  2. Have read the contract, the code of conduct and any documents accompanying the contract and understand both my roles and responsibilities and the roles and responsibilities of the certifier.
Clear Signature

Details of Certification work to be performed

To carry out on site inspection of the existing swimming pool barrier or spa pool.

For compliant pools and spas provide a certificate of compliance and update NSW swimming pool register.

For non-compliant pools and spas provide a report identifying any non-compliant areas in and around the pool barrier and issue a non-compliant certificate if requested by the client.

To carrier out any re-inspection as required and when compliant to provide a certificate of compliance and update NSW swimming pool register.

Fees and charges for swimming pool certification

1st Inspection, Report $295.00
Follow up inspections$180.00 Per Inspection

Insurance details

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Policy Number: PI-000402-2022
Insurance Period: From 7 September 2023 to 4pm on 7 September 2024.

Code of Conduct

Information About Registered Certifiers